TM Series Universal AC Servo System

TM series AC servo system is mainly composed of TDA series servo driver and TM series brushless servo motor. AC 220V power supply with maximum power up to 2KW is widely used in CNC machine tools, spraying equipment, industrial control systems and robotics.

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Technical Parameter

AC Brushless Motor:

Compatible with Japanese Standard 40-130 Flange Servo Motor.
AC power supply 220V, maximum power up to 2000W, speed range 1-3000rpm, up to 6000rpm. Torque range from 0.32N.M-11.5N.M.
Standard 2500 line incremental encoder, absolute value encoder optional, long service life, maintenance-free, can be customized according to customer requirements.

AC Servo Driver:

220V Single-phase/Three-phase AC Power Supply.
Speed regulation ratio 1:10000.
It supports digital pulse instruction, internal position instruction, speed instruction and torque instruction control, and supports multiple operation modes.
Support linear motor, rotary motor and DD motor.
EC Series supports incremental encoder and absolute encoder feedback.
PD Series supports pulse direction control and CW/CCW control.
Communication mode can be 485 communication, EtherCAT communication and CANopen communication. Protection level IP20.
The mechanical characteristic analysis and gain adjustment can be carried out by the upper computer debugging software. Supporting load disturbance observation and compensation function can effectively suppress the influence of external disturbance on tracking performance.

Motor Selection

Motor Type

Rated Power

Rated Torque
Rated Speed
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Moment of inertia
Rotating inertia of lock brake
Recommended Driver
TM04A8-P010A2-V30 100 0.32 3000 220 1 0.06 0.08 TDA-05A2 Series
TM06A8-P020A2-V30 200 0.64 3000 220 1.7 0.24 0.28 TDA-05A2 Series
TM06A8-P040A2-V30 400 1.27 3000 220 3 0.45 0.5 TDA-10A2 Series
TM08A8-P075A2-V30 750 2.4 3000 220 4.8 1.3 1.5 TDA-15A2 Series
TM13A8-P150A2-V15 1500 8.4 1500 220 9 19.2 22 TDA-30A2 Series
TM13A8-P200A2-V15 2000 11.5 1500 220 12 25 28 TDA-50A2 Series

Driver Shape and Installation Size

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